Friday, February 25, 2005

Book Review - My Enchanted Enemy, Tracy Fobes

Juliana St. Germaine, born and raised beneath the sea, must break an ancient family curse by seducing the one man who fears her most. In order to protect his family and keep the bloodline pure, Cole Strangford must marry a gypsy. He is far more interested in finding the Sea Opal stolen by Juliana's ancestor that will free the Strangfords from their bad luck. Yet something about Juliana appeals to him, and when she passes the seawater test, he reconsiders his initial rejection of the match.

Thus the stage is set for Tracy Fobes' sixth novel of paranormal romance. And an enjoyable one it is, if you prefer more romance than history. Set in 1810 England, My Enchanted Enemy features engaging characters, a believable romance and a satisfying conclusion. An interesting subplot revolves around Cole's efforts to invent an underwater diving suit and his rivalry with William James, who introduced an early scuba suit in 1825.

The pace lags in a couple of spots and the history is for the most part a decorative background. Fans of the genre, however, will find it a charming way to while away a summer afternoon.

© Teresa Basinski Eckford 2002
This review first appeared in the May 2002 issue of The Historical Novels Review

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