Friday, February 25, 2005

Book Review - The Midwife's Secret, Kate Bridges

Independent midwife Amanda Ryan arrives in Banff, Canada, determined to help the women there deliver their babies safely. She actually has two secrets, and considering the time period, 1888, it is hardly a surprise she is keeping them. Life does not get any easier when she discovers the piece of land she bought actually belongs to local mill owner Tom Murdock. It seems his partner has fleeced him and sold his land to Amanda. Together Tom and Amanda must track down the miscreant to sort things out while overcoming ghosts from their past. Along the way they fall in love.

This engaging historical romance is well-written, with an unusual and beautifully depicted setting, well-rounded characters and a heart-touching, satisfying romance. The reader readily believes that Tom and Amanda are meant for each other and will go the distance.

Those looking for a Western romance with a twist will enjoy this book.

© Teresa Basinski Eckford 2003
This review first appeared in the November 2003 issue of The Historical Novels Review

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