Friday, February 11, 2005

Book Review - The Devil's Heiress, Jo Beverley

Clarissa Greystone, known as the Devil's Heiress, is haunted by the circumstances surrounding the death of her despised fiancé. Forced to take her place in society, she is intrigued to meet Major George Hawkinville. Little does she know that he is trying to prove her guilty of murder and fraud.

Major George Hawkinville needs Clarissa's ill-gotten fortune to save his family's estate. A fortune that rightfully belongs to his father. Expecting to find a devious beauty, he is surprised to find a rather ordinary, yet appealing young woman - one who does not seem capable of murder.

Danger from the past lurks in the background, threatening both Hawk and Clarissa. It seems Hawk is not the only one after the Devil's legacy.

Jo Beverley has crafted a well-written and historically grounded piece of romance fiction. Though the book is a little slow to take off, the unique characters and well-paced romance soon draw the reader in. The setting comes alive and the secondary characters sparkle. Fans of the author's Company of Rogues series will be delighted to encounter Nicholas, Lucien and Con again and will be especially thrilled by one of the final plot twists.

If you want to step back in time to Regency England and enjoy a well-written historical romance, this book is for you.


This review first appeared in the February 2002 issue of The Historical Novels Review.

© Teresa Eckford, 2002

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